School Lane Community
Association, Hadlow Down

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This site design dates back a few years and it needs revision for mobile users. It does not 'scale' well. I will start work on this shortly, but it will mean the resizable fonts and the top menu will have to go! If you find the text size feature useful, please Contact me now to say so!. The sidebar menu will become the site navigation.

Next meeting: 6th August 2018 in the Community Garden, School Lane, or if wet at No 13 School Lane

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Minutes: - Get the latest minutes here.

About us:

The Community Association was launched on 18th June 2008.

We are part of Resident Involvement (Tenant Participation) within Wealden.

School Lane is a pleasant rural setting with many mature trees.

There is a strong sense of community. We have a mixture here of private and council properties. The flats are still Council owned but the majority of housing is now privately owned.

One of the many trees