Aims and Objectives

Aims and objectives of the Association:

  • Develop community garden - completed mid 2011
  • Improve housing
  • Build community spirit
  • Improve services

Already achieved:

  • Disabled parking bay (see photo)
  • Received Awards for All funding - (see photos)
  • Flat front doors replaced - (see photos)
  • Cleared ground for community garden and removed trees - (see photos)
  • Levelled ground for community garden and removed tree stumps - (see photos)

Future Goals:

  • Improve transport services
  • Develop community garden
  • Road Safety improvements
  • Maintain a system of communication between residents and Wealden District Council, so as to understand future development and goals.
  • To consolidate the good community spirit and build upon it

Disabled parking bay:

(Please keep this space reserved for its intended use)