July 2012:
Bog Garden completed

July 2011:
More produce.

June 2011:
First produce - nine potatoes.

May 2011:
Seeding OK - all areas planted - grassed area clear of weeds and rubbish.

April 2011:
Planting continues.

March 2011:
Planting of the beds has begun - See pictures here.
Seeds are set in the greenhouses
Topsoil now all spread and levelled

February 2011:
Third shed now erected See pictures here.
Thanks to Julian for his help
Lots of digging and planting

January 2011:
Greenhouses erected See pictures here.
Beds being prepared for planting

August 2010:
Concrete paths complete.
Two sheds erected.
Greenhouses on site. - See pictures here.

July 2010:
Concrete paths going in

May 2010:
Dividing trellis now completed. No painting required.

April 2010:
Picket fence now completed. Mostly painted.

March 2010:
Trees have been tidied and pruned and the ditch on the Playing Field boundary has been cleared.

February 2010:
Boundary Fencing now completed. - See pictures here.

December 2009:
Access path completed. Fencing has commenced. - See pictures here.

September 2009:
The access path is now almost concreted. A final session on 11th October should see this path finished.

July/August 2009:
The access path is now half concreted - See pictures here.

May 2009:
The site has now been levelled and the tree stumps removed. The water supply pipes are in and there is ducting installed for the electricity supply.

April 2009:
Work restarts after the Winter! We have now cleared the site of most of the trees and undergrowth. See pictures - here.

September 2008:
Disabled Parking, WRAG Launch - here.

End July 2008:
Clearance completed - pictures here.

11th July 2008:
Existing site pictures - here.

18th June 2008:
The Community Association was launched. We are part of Resident Involvement within Wealden.